Active profiles are profiles that have been completed, published and/or paid*. These profiles are shown in green on the My Profiles page of your PetScreening account. Note that active Service Animal and Assistance Animal profiles will be labeled as such. Unless changed manually, profiles remain in Active status for one year upon activation date.

To activate a profile, click 'Submit Profile' or 'Submit for Review' at the top of the profile and follow the prompts. When a resident / applicant uses a property manager's PetScreening URL to complete a profile, that property manager will be notified automatically when the profile is set to Active status.

*Payment is submitted for household pet profiles only.


Pending status applies to assistance animal accommodation requests only and is used during the period of time that the request is being reviewed by PetScreening's Assistance Animal Review Team. This status is shown in teal on the My Profiles page of your PetScreening account. 

Property managers do not have full visibility of profiles that are in Pending status.


All profile types begin in Draft status and will remain in Draft status until all sections of the profile are completed and the profile is either published, paid, and activated or submitted for review. Information entered into a Draft status profile will be saved within your PetScreening account, in the event you need to return at a later time to complete your profile.

Draft profiles will show in orange on your My Profiles page.

Active, Expired, Returned and Declined Profiles will return to Draft status if any changes are made to them and will remain in Draft status until action is taken by you to publish changes, proceed to payment, or resubmit for review.

It's important to note that profiles in Draft status are not visible to property managers.


Profiles in Expired status have exceeded the one-year anniversary of their activation date. These profiles will show in gray on the My Profiles page of your PetScreening account and can be renewed for an additional year by clicking the Renew Now button.

For more information on renewing your profile, see How Do I Renew My Profile?


The Returned status is used for Assistance Animal Accommodation Requests. This status indicates that during the review process, the PetScreening Assistance Animal Review Team has asked for additional information from the person making the accommodation request and is currently waiting for a response. The Returned status is shown in gray on the My Profiles page. 

For information on how to submit a reply on a request with a Returned status, see My request was returned for more information. How do I reply?

A Declined status indicates that — after a comprehensive review by PetScreening's Assistance Animal Review Team — it was determined that the request for reasonable accommodation failed to meet the FHAct / HUD guidelines. Declined status is shown in gray on the My Profiles page.

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