A third-party verifier or provider refers to a medical professional (i.e. doctor, therapist, counselor, etc.) that issues documentation affirming that the Requester (the individual seeking the accommodation request) has a disability and a disability-related need for the animal. 

When a Requester submits a reasonable accommodation request through PetScreening, they upload their third-party verifier documentation to the Animal Details section before submitting their request for review.

During the review process, PetScreening's Assistance Animal Review Team validates the documentation’s validity and authenticity with the third-party verifier. 

The Assistance Animal Review Team is only seeking confirmation that the documentation submitted with the accommodation request is valid and authentic, and is not seeking any information related to the specific nature of a Requester's disability. 

To better understand a Requester's rights and what is sufficient for housing providers, click here to view the HUD Assistance Animal Notice (FHEO-2020-01).

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