Property managers may direct residents or applicants without pets or animals to make a No Pet / Animal Profile on 

To begin a No Pet / Animal Profile, residents and applicants should go to the PetScreening URL link provided by their property managers and follow the prompts to sign up and create an account password. 

As a resident / applicant, you will then be redirected to your PetScreening account. Then, if prompted, you should answer 'No' to the question "Do you have a pet or animal?" to access the No Pet / Animal Profile questionnaire. 

Completing the Affidavit Questionnaire

Review the affidavit statements and select 'Yes' by each one to agree before clicking the Finish button at the bottom of the affidavit.

Then, check the box to verify that the information provided is true and click 'Confirm'.

The No Pet / Animal Profile will then show as Active in your PetScreening account and is automatically shared with the property manager.

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