In the event your reasonable accommodation request is returned with the following comment:

Thank you for your reasonable accommodation request. The third-party provider’s (i.e. doctor, therapist, counselor, social worker, etc) office requires that you file an information release in order to verify the document's authenticity. Please note that we do not ask for any information other than a verification that the documentation is authentic.


  1. Call your third-party provider (i.e. doctor, therapist, counselor, social worker, etc.)

  2. Ask for the Release of Information (ROI) form

  3. Complete the form giving PetScreening permission to verify the documentation

  4. Turn the ROI back into your provider’s office

  5. Log into your PetScreening account, click the green “Submit for Review” button.

For clarity, we have returned your reasonable accommodation request seeking additional information from you. This request remains open for a follow-up review should you decide to resubmit with the additional information we need to continue our review process. Thank you.

Please Note: is only seeking confirmation that the documentation submitted with the accommodation request is valid and authentic. The release of information (ROI) should authorize that limited information to the assistance animal review team. For additional clarity, we are not seeking any information related to the specific nature of the disability. 

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