Notice: Many housing providers require a standard set of vaccinations before a pet will be approved. Also, some states and municipalities have mandatory vaccination statutes. 

Please complete the Vaccinations section of the pet / animal profile based on your current vaccination records, and contact your housing provider or state / municipality if you are unsure of their vaccination requirements.

Entering Vaccination Details

To access the Vaccination section of your profile for the first time, click the '+Add Vaccinations' link on the main page of the profile. 

  1. At the top of the Vaccinations section, click 'Yes' to confirm the statement: My pet is vaccinated and all required shots are valid to date.

2. Click 'Pick a vaccine' to select a vaccination from the drop down menu. (Note: If a vaccine is not listed, select "Other" from the drop down menu and type the vaccine name in the "Specify vaccine title" field.)

3. Enter the Vaccination date and Valid until date by clicking on each of the fields and selecting the year, month and day from the pop-up menu. Use the scroll buttons to the left and right of the year date range to select past or future date ranges.

4. Click the 'Add Shot Information' button to save.

This is what a saved vaccination record will look like:

Repeat steps 2-4 to add additional vaccination records.

Uploading Shot Records

Scroll to the bottom of the Vaccinations section to upload documentation showing proof of vaccinations. 

  1. Click the Upload Documents button to select your documentation. Repeat for each document you choose to upload.

When you're done, the information you've entered and documents you've uploaded will be listed in the Vaccinations section like in the example below.

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